How to Not Get Sued: Dispensary Marketing Compliance

Avoid Fines & Keep Your License

Dispensaries and cannabis companies stand at the intersection of federal prohibition and state legality.

With this unique position comes extra regulations and a slew of fines and penalties that can bankrupt even the most successful MSOs. Lack of compliance can even lead to having your license revoked—don’t let this happen to you!

This week, we’ll be covering different dispensary marketing regulations and laws that you must comply with in order to safeguard your operations.

During our 30-minute webinar, you’ll learn:

  1. Which federal regulations apply to your marketing
  2. How to create ads, emails, and texts that are compliant
  3. The highest-ROI compliant marketing solutions for dispensaries

Here’s a Preview of the Webinar:

[6:38] Are you compliant with HIPAA? Here’s what the CDC has to say.
[10:06] Sending emails? Make sure you know about the CAN-SPAM Act and CASL.
[15:44] In Canada? The Cannabis Act has a lot to say about what you can’t do.
[18:01] Tune in here to learn our best practices for remaining compliant!
[21:17] Want to know how you can advertise and remain compliant? Check out these services.

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