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Cannabis Social Media Platform
Marketing Strategy  |  Social Media Marketing

Cannabis Business Social Networks: A Guide for Growing Your Social Media Strategy

The Role of Cannabis Business Social Networks: Change is constant in the cannabis industry. Professionals and enthusiasts alike want to stay updated on new developments, trends, and regulations. However, the objectives of joining a cannabis social network differ vastly between professionals and enthusiasts. Professionals have to do more than scroll […]

420 Marketing Campaigns
Digital Marketing  |  Insights  |  Marketing Strategy  |  Tips

High Returns: Crafting Buzz-Worthy 420 Marketing Campaigns

Bundle Related Products: Bundling related products not only simplifies the decision-making process for customers but also increases the perceived value of offerings. By combining top-selling items or introducing new SKUs as pre-bundled packages, dispensaries can streamline sales processes and boost product awareness. Loyalty Program Discounts: Offering discounts as incentives for […]

hemp plants growing
Digital Marketing  |  Marketing Funnel  |  Marketing Strategy

The Power of Retargeting: A Journey Through the Sales Funnel for Cannabis Brands

You’re browsing your favorite cooking blog for recipes when seemingly out of the blue, you run across an ad—maybe a few ads—for the exact crock pot you’ve been eyeing for the last two weeks.

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