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Cannabis Landing Pages
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Mastering Cannabis Landing Pages: Tips to Increase Conversion Rates for Programmatic Display Ads

Developing a cannabis landing page design that resonates, engages, and guides digital ad visitors to meaningful action isn’t just a skill; it’s your passport to online marketing victory. Whether you’re on a mission to skyrocket sales, capture prime leads, or flaunt your star product, the prowess of a finely tuned landing page can turn aspirations into reality.


Navigating Co-Marketing Campaigns: A Roadmap for Cannabis Brand Marketing

What are Cannabis Co-Marketing Ad Campaigns? Cannabis co-marketing campaigns refer to two brands or businesses that develop a marketing campaign advertising them both. The brands work together to create a campaign that highlights both companies’ offerings in a new and fresh way. Our favorite co-marketing campaigns to launch are between […]

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Mastering Geofencing for Cannabis Businesses: Hyper-Localized Advertising for Success”

The precision and reliability by which you can accurately geofence your marijuana advertising is a critical measure of compliant cannabis advertising.

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Cannabis Digital Marketing: 3 Types of Ads You Need to Be Using

Cannabis Digital Marketing: Google PPC Ads You’re already intimate with PPC ads, even if you don’t know it. Any time you do a web search, a number of web pages will display higher in the results because their owners paid for such placement. Depending on the specific search engine, those […]


Our passion for the cannabis business community combined with our love of innovative digital marketing drove us to architect and custom-build our proprietary platform. And our goal is that the MarTech and cannabis industry resources included in this library will help elevate the digital marketing and advertising conversation for regulated industries. We hope you visit us here often!

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Leveraging the Power of Words: Does Your Dispensary Need a Content Marketing Strategy?

Does Your Dispensary Need a Content Marketing Strategy? Tips and Tricks Here at MediaJel, we devote a lot of resources to leveraging flashy digital tools and methodologies. But despite the massive increase in analyzing and processing power enabled by tools like AI, the fact is that content is still king. […]

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3 Ways to Improve Your ROAS: How to Tweak and Maximize Your Ad Spends

3 Ways to Improve Your ROAS: Basic Terms and Expectations At its core, ROAS is the revenue attributable to a specific campaign or channel, divided by the amount spent on that campaign or channel. If you made $100,000 on your $5,000 display ads campaign, your ROAS is $20 for every […]

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Basics of Cannabis Marketing: Why You Should Do Dispensary Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Dispensary PPC: The Basics As we stated above, PPC is a pillar of digital marketing. Its cost is determined by the actual number of consumers who are so engaged and intrigued by your ad that they actually click on it. In and of itself, that’s a huge paradigm shift compared […]


The Value of Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning in Dispensary Advertising

What Is the Segmentation, Targeting & Positioning Model? Businesses love to think that their products or services can appeal to just about anyone. But in reality, certain kinds of people are more likely to respond to their marketing message than others. Casting a wide net and hoping for the best […]

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